Maison Berger Paris

In the past, Berger lamps were only used to purify air in hospitals and helped eliminate germs. Over the years, the perfume aspect was added to this primary use. The odour diffused became more pleasant and enabled the catalytic lamp to become more widespread and gradually integrate private homes. The home is a living environment in which we spend a lot of time, it must therefore be clean and healthy. Your grandparents had understood this well and the brand was able to convince them through its partnerships with the grandiose designers of the time.

This product survived over the decades and changing fashions. The style of the lamp has changed significantly over the past years. Our creative teams now draw inspiration from the annual home decoration trend books to design the new collections.

As regards the functionalities of Lampe Berger, they still remain the same! Purify and perfume the air of your home while decorating your interior.

Yet, you still need to know how to use it.