Sweet Almond from Provence, soothing and moisturizing body care In Provence, Almond tree blossom annouces the arrival of Spring as early as the end of March. Fields of Almond tress turn into a sea of delicate white petals. Covered in a velvety green skin, the Almonds contain astounding cosmetic properties. Almon-growing, which is technically a very delicate process, was formerly abandoned and almost disappeared; it continues today thanks to the passion of a few producers. Our sweet Almond from Provence is grown on the Valensole plateau, in the middle of the Verdon nature reserve, by the Schulz Family, which has devoted itself to this since 1984. Ideal for sensitive and reactive skin, sweet Almond soothes, reduces feelings of discomfort and helps to restor balance in the epidermis along with its natural protection. The heart of the stone softens and smooths the skin, whil its oil, rich in vitamins A and E, nourishes and hydrates deep-down.